Broken Silence

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After a traumatic kidnapping, Daphne’s boss insists that she take time off. But she refuses to sit on the sidelines when she meets a six-year-old girl who the police call Angel. Angel hasn’t spoken a word since they found her four days ago next to a burned-out car, frozen with shock, not far from the bodies of two adults who may or may not have been her parents. Joseph knows that helping Angel is exactly what Daphne needs right now. But when Daphne gets Angel to talk, a mysterious and chilling crime begins to unravel—one that drives Daphne into the darkest corners of her past as she and Joseph track a ruthless killer. 


Daphne Montgomery - Heroine
A sassy, brassy blonde with Dolly Parton hair, lime green mini skirts, long, long legs, and a West Virginia slang, Daphne has made her mark on the Baltimore prosecutors’ office despite getting a late start in her career. Mother to twenty-year-old Ford, Daphne’s come a long way from her Appalachian roots, persevering through a teen-aged pregnancy, a loveless forced marriage, a vicious divorce, and breast cancer, to finally become the woman she’s always wanted to be. But behind her careful mask of happiness and confidence prowl the childhood nightmares spurred by the horrific crimes she witnessed – and endured. When Ford is kidnapped, those nightmares become her new reality, but FBI Special Agent Joseph Carter has vowed to bring her son home. Can Joseph also convince her to allow the “real Daphne” to shine?
Joseph Carter - Hero
Tall, dark, and broody, widower Joseph Carter started his career with the FBI after serving with the US Navy. An electrical engineer by training, he’s a whiz with security and gadgets, but it was the tragic loss of his first wife that had fueled his passion for reuniting abductees with their families. Now fueled by his feelings for Daphne Montgomery, finding her kidnapped son has become even more critical. She’s suffered so much during her life – he doesn’t want her to lose her son, too. Can he find Ford before it’s too late? Can he protect Daphne from a madman who wants her dead? And can he make her fall for him the way he’s fallen for her?
Sophie Johannsen
Tall and strong, Sophie Johannsen is a beautiful woman with a quick temper, an agile mind, and a soft heart. At Philadelphia's Albright History Museum, she is a curator who would rather be out in the field on a dig any day. Sophie feels most at home in jeans and work boots and hardly ever wears makeup. But that doesn't keep her from being admired by Detective Vito Ciccotelli when he enlists her help with some crime scene archeology. Trouble is, it seems like Vito's already taken and Sophie refuses to see her own history repeat itself.