Count To Ten


In all his years in the Chicago Fire Department, Lieutenant Reed Solliday has never experienced anything like this recent outbreak of house fires - and the arsonist is making this personal. With each new blaze, the villain ups the ante, setting firetraps for the people Reed and his new partner, Mia Mitchell, love. This monster's desire for death and destruction is unquenchable... and for Mia he's started teh countdown to an early grave.


Reed Solliday - Hero
Solliday, an officer in Chicago's arson squad, is a former military man and tight end: a big man with panther-like grace. His sensual lips, framed by a trim goatee, evoke the devil, but his deep laugh and broad smile render him extremely attractive. A widower and devoted father to his teen-age daughter, Reed's put his heart in the deep freeze, but when he's teamed with homicide detective Mia Mitchell, the thaw begins...
Mia Mitchell - Heroine
Mia is brash and very sure of herself. A detective in the Chicago Police Department has to be. She usually hides her curves in a beat up leather jacket and her spiky blonde do under a ratty, worn hat. An abusive father taught Mia to be wary of men. She uses her instincts and street smarts to put bad guys away. But underneath the tough exterior is a caring person who reaches out to help Dana keep the secrets of Hanover House-- and who even learns to put her heart on the line again.
Abe Reagan
Chicago Police Detective Reagan is the kind of man a woman feels safe around the minute she sees him. Tall, strong, and capable, Reagan has piercing blue eyes framed by dark brows and a squared-off jaw, and he's set against criminals; especially the ones that prey upon defenseless women. Even as he uses his keen eyes and sharp wits to track a relentless serial killer, he is a haunted by the loss of something precious in his life - something he believes he can never regain.
Kristen Mayhew
With her wild, bright red corkscrew curls held back in a severe twist, Chicago star prosecutor Kristen can be tough as nails. It's not for nothing that her colleagues call her 'the ice queen.' And indeed, Kristen herself often wonders if she'll ever be able melt in a man's arms after the savagery that was done to her one night long ago. When she's drawn to Abe Reagan, the police detective sworn to protect her from the death threats she's received, she wonders if finally, he's the one.
Ethan Buchanan
Born in Maryland and once a desert stalker in the Afghan War, Ethan is using his skills as a security expert in civilian life. Blond, tanned and green-eyed, Buchanan is the strong man with secret vulnerabilities and surprisingly gentle hands who turns up in Chicago looking for his godson, and rocks Dana's world.
Dana Dupinsky
The long-legged director of Chicago's women's shelter, Hanover House, Dana courts danger as she meets runaway women and children at the bus station and hides them from their abusers. Working with rescued friend Caroline Stewart, and foster daughter Evie Wilson, she is the keeper of many secrets-- but the one about herself is the deepest. Busy helping others, Dana has no one to call her own, and wants to keep it that way, but sometimes love finds you no matter where you hide. 
Aidan Reagan
Chicago cop Aidan Reagan makes good use of his laser beam deep blue eyes when questioning a perp or tracking a killer. Surrounded by long, luxuriant lashes, there's little those high beams miss. Handsome when he is fierce, Aidan is nothing less than beautiful when he smiles, although his close-knit family may be the only ones to see his tender side. When 'Dr. Chick' walks into his life, he worries that they are miles apart in background and social status, but the attraction may be too strong to be denied.
David Hunter
Once a high-school heart throb and popular jock, David hides a terrible secret-- one that makes him feel guilty enough to dedicate his life to the service of others. Rehabilitating his disabled athlete brother, Max, or repairing the roof of the Chicago's Hanover House women's shelter, David remains a mystery: a man with demons that drive him to do good, while he denies himself the love and companionship his tall, dark, gray-eyed movie star looks could easily garner him. After loving Dana Dupinsky in vain for years, David finally follows his friend Eve to Minnesota, where as a Minneapolis firefighter, he is reunited with Olivia Sutherland, who also holds her secrets deep... 
Olivia Sutherland
Blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful, with long glowing hair usually tied in a French braid, Olivia hardly seems what she is: a tough and capable Minneapolis police officer. As a child, Olivia was deserted by her father and constantly undermined by her bitter, unhappy mother. Later, a fiance dumped Olivia for an ex girlfriend, making the intrepid detective decide that love was just not for her - not even with someone as desirable - and determined - as firefighter David Hunter.