Dirty Secrets

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Emma Townsend is astonished when she comes across a love letter tucked away in an old high school year book, written by her once dear friend Chris Walker. Having never seen it until now, the letter has taken seventeen years to touch Emma’s heart. Now she’s determined to find Chris and maybe even get a second chance at romance. For Chris, now a college professor, seeing Emma again has brought back a flood of memories, rekindling a passion he thought was long gone. But in the shadows, someone is watching Emma and Chris, someone nursing revenge, and plunging Emma into a nightmare where no one can be trusted and every dirty little secret is sealed with a kiss.


Christopher Walker - Hero
Tall, dark, and delightfully nerdy, Christopher is a chemistry professor in St. Pete, Florida. Divorced and raising his teenaged daughter alone, he is devastated when one of his graduate students is found dead in the lab, the cause of death considered suspicious. Dealing with his student’s funeral and the police investigation has him tied up in knots, and now he must also deal with Emma’s shocking return into his life. She wounded his heart all those years ago, but he picked up the pieces and moved on. Now, fully grown with hurts of her own, she has the ability to destroy him - or to give him everything he’s ever wanted.
Emma Townsend - Heroine
Petite and blonde, psychologist Emma Townsend is a grief counselor who, when faced with the sudden loss of her husband, is not able to follow the advice she gives others. She’s been burying her grief until a trusted friend intervenes, forcing her to deal with her late husband's memory. As Emma digs into the past, she discovers she’d inadvertently broken the heart of Christopher Walker, a trusted old friend from high school. Emma can’t bring her husband back, but is determined to fix this damaged friendship. But when she meets Christopher again after so many years, she wonders if she’s been given a second chance at happiness.