Don't Tell


Mary Grace Winters knew the only way to save herself and her child from her abusive cop husband was to stage their own death. Nine years later, as Caroline Stewart, she has almost forgotten the nightmare she left behind and has taken a chance on love with Max Hunter, a man with wounds of his own. But when her husband uncovers her trail, he begins closing in on her - and everything and everyone she loves.


Caroline Stewart - Heroine
The past knows her as the uneducated southern child bride Mary Grace Winters. Now Caroline has fled an abusive cop husband by staging her own death. She is rescued and given her new identity by Chicago's Hanover House women's shelter, where she becomes best friends with Dana, the shelter's founder. Now, a secretary at Carrington College in Chicago, Caroline is determined to make a better life for herself and her son, Tom. She'll be safe as long as her past stays buried, but a beautiful, intelligent woman such as Caroline can't stay unnoticed forever...

Max Hunter - Hero
Slightly lame after a tragic accident that kills his father and ends his NBA career, Max is David Hunter's older brother and the devastatingly handsome Carrington College professor and History department head for whom Caroline works. With a past that has left him with what he thinks of as a 'deformity,' Max is as well-defended as he is hard for Caroline to resist.
Dana Dupinsky
The long-legged director of Chicago's women's shelter, Hanover House, Dana courts danger as she meets runaway women and children at the bus station and hides them from their abusers. Working with rescued friend Caroline Stewart, and foster daughter Evie Wilson, she is the keeper of many secrets-- but the one about herself is the deepest. Busy helping others, Dana has no one to call her own, and wants to keep it that way, but sometimes love finds you no matter where you hide. 
Eve Wilson
Once Caroline's assistant at Chicago's Carrington College and Dana's foster daughter from the Hanover House Shelter, Eve has a new life in Minneapolis, pursuing a master's degree in counseling while moonlighting as a bartender. Dark haired, brown-eyed Eve keeps her head down, not just because she likes hard work, but because trusting the wrong man has left Eve's lovely face horribly scarred. Now the healing must take place - but even if the scars fade, will the terrible memories ever disappear?
Steven Thatcher
Big, blond, and attractive, Steven Thatcher is still a young, virile man when his wife dies, leaving him with three boys to raise. Oldest son Brad has always been a great kid, but has radically changed in the last few weeks. What's going on with his son? But when a serial killer is on the loose in Raleigh, this special agent has to hope that Brad's common sense prevails. Steven needs help and it arrives, in the form of Brad's beautiful teacher, Jenna. But Steven may not be ready to accept all that Jenna has to offer.
David Hunter
Once a high-school heart throb and popular jock, David hides a terrible secret-- one that makes him feel guilty enough to dedicate his life to the service of others. Rehabilitating his disabled athlete brother, Max, or repairing the roof of the Chicago's Hanover House women's shelter, David remains a mystery: a man with demons that drive him to do good, while he denies himself the love and companionship his tall, dark, gray-eyed movie star looks could easily garner him. After loving Dana Dupinsky in vain for years, David finally follows his friend Eve to Minnesota, where as a Minneapolis firefighter, he is reunited with Olivia Sutherland, who also holds her secrets deep...