Have You Seen Her?


"Offering heart-racing thrills, both in the bedroom and the forensics lab…. Rose populates her novel with vivid characters—like Steven's seven-year-old son Nicky, who was a character in Rose's previous novel [DON’T TELL]—and stokes the tension to a fever pitch, throwing in shocking twists each time the story threatens to settle into predictability."

“Terrifying and gripping are two words that accurately describe this new thriller from rising star Rose. The relationships and emotions in this book are multi-faceted, convoluted and, at times, scary. Everyone has a past—and leaving it behind is not always easy."
Jill M. Smith, RT Book Reviews, 4 ½ stars

"The romance in HAVE YOU SEEN HER? is good but the suspense is absolutely astounding. The red herring Ms. Rose uses kept me glued to the pages as the tension builds to the surprising conclusion."

“An exceptional thriller ... Absolutely wonderful! One of the best romantic suspense stories out so far this year. Rose takes you on a taut psychological journey." 

"HAVE YOU SEEN HER? is a thriller from page one...a riveting page-turner that melds the genres of suspense and romance in a way that will keep those who like either genre happy."
Brenda Edde, Romance Junkies

"Readers were fascinated by Steven Thatcher when he appeared in DON'T TELL—he was clearly hero material—and in this book he comes into his own and proves himself heroic indeed, in many ways. A diverse cast of secondary characters … add depth and texture to this well-wrought tale. For a gripping novel of romantic suspense, I highly recommend HAVE YOU SEEN HER? Not only will the suspense have you on the edge of your seat, but the characters' emotional dilemmas will tug your heartstrings.”
Susan Lantz, Romance Reviews Today

"This is a riveting blend of great plotting, fine characterizations and sizzling romance, all of which create the perfect recipe for an edge-of-your seat suspense."
BookLoons "3-Books-out-of-3"

"A fast paced, three-dimensional story ... A must read."