I'm Watching You


"Karen Rose should be one of the first names on anyone's favourite list. This author captures everything that is good, powerful and addicting about romantic suspense…. I'M WATCHING YOU is another gloriously fantastic story on the list of this extremely talented romantic suspense author. It most definitely should not be missed!”
Tracey West, The Road to Romance

"Karen Rose has created a heart-stopping book that will keep readers on their toes…. A warning, [I'M WATCHING YOU] contains material not for the weak at heart. Ms. Rose has a style of writing that flows quickly and smoothly. She gives details that make you feel as though you are right there at the autopsy scenes and more. As the pictures are painted with words, Ms. Rose will leave you wanting more, yet appalled that the murders are being committed."
Angie, Love Romances

"Becoming a monster to eliminate monsters is the haunting new theme in this terrifying and gritty new thriller. With this terrific gut-wrenching tale, Rose is certain to gain a very large following." 
Jill M. Smith, RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 stars

"When I found out that Ms. Rose had a new read available, I ran out and picked it up right away. Ms. Rose is an author that does not disappoint…. [Her characters] Abe and Kristin have wonderful chemistry and their relationship is not only steamy, but sweet as well. It is equally balanced with the murder plot which manages to offer enough twists and turns without being redundant or overblown so the reader is guaranteed a well-rounded read.”

"This book will keep your interest right up to the very last page when you finally get the chance to figure out who the vigilante murderer is. However be warned once you start this particular book, you won't be able to function in the real world until you've finished it…. It takes a special author to blend just the perfect mix of suspense and romance when writing a romantic suspense novel. Rose's combination was perfect. I was dying to get to the last page so I could find out who the killer was but on the other hand I couldn't wait for each section of the book that dealt with the romance between Kristen and Abe.”
Shelby, A Romance Review, 5 Roses

"Skillfully written romantic suspense with powerful energy and graphic details…. This is a fantastic read!”
Sabrina Marino, The Best Reviews

"Ms. Rose has penned a fantastic tale filled with suspense, romance and some very hair raising scenes, and I highly recommend I'M WATCHING YOU."
Catherine McHenry, Romance Reviews Today, “Perfect 10”

“Another stellar thriller…. Rose's strength lies in her characters…. Their chemistry shines and carries I'M WATCHING YOU to a break-neck and satisfying conclusion.”