Watch Your Back


"Rose's 580-page novel is an excellent example of how far-reaching and varied romance can be. The plot is complex, the characterization sound and the boundaries of the genre pushed. With its datelined and timelined scene headings, the book stands easily alongside modern thrillers, yet as in more conventional romances it is the hero and heroine — both broken, both strong and both deserving of a happy ending — who shine."

-- Sarah MacLean, THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Rose has a talent for mixing police procedural with romance that really shines in this novel. Fans of her work won't want to miss this one. I would also recommend it to anyone looking for an intriguing, lengthy suspense novel. It delivers on all fronts."

-- Maggie Boyd, ALL ABOUT ROMANCE 

"An intriguing, intricate plot, good pacing, strong suspense, cleverly crafted villains along with the vulnerable tough heroes make up this complex tale, and are all handled with a deftness of skill. Rose delivers big once again with this tension-thick thriller."

-- Melanie Bates, RT Book Reviews

"I felt for Stevie throughout her story, her heartache was mine and her emotions touched me. Clay and his support to her was amazing and his feelings true."

-- StaceyPerry, Night Owl Romance